FACT CHECK: No, Barack Obama Did Not Call For ‘Full-Blown Government Censorship’

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A photo shared on Facebook shows an article claiming former President Barack Obama called for “full blown government censorship to eradicate independent media.” 

Verdict: False

There is no evidence Obama made this statement. It stems from a website known for publishing satirical content.

Fact Check:

Obama recently expressed support for the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) strike, which has been going on for the past four weeks, Rolling Stone reported. During an interview with LinkedIn, the former president said he is “hopeful” for the writers while promoting his series, “Working,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Facebook post claims Obama called for censorship of media. The post shares an article covering the claim published May 18.
“Speaking to CBS News on Tuesday, Obama warned that the mainstream media has lost its control over the narrative and said the only solution is for the U.S. government to step in and take drastic action,” the post’s caption reads.
The claim is fabricated, however. The Facebook post includes a link to an article by The People’s Voice, a satirical website. The website was formerly known as NewsPunch, which Check Your Fact has debunked claims from multiple times.
A “liability disclaimer” on the site’s “Terms of Use” states it “makes no representations about the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness, and accuracy of the information, software, products, services and related graphics contained on the site for any purpose.”

Check Your Fact found no credible news reports about Obama making such a statement. (RELATED: Does Video Show Barack Obama Referring To His Wife As Michael?)

Check Your Fact has reached out to the Obama Foundation for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter