FACT CHECK: Did Alberta Premier Candidate Call Those Against Gender Affirming Surgery Christian Fascists?

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on social media purports Alberta New Democrat Party leader Rachel Notley tweeted those against gender affirming for children are Christian fascists.

Verdict: False

This image is digitally fabricated.

Fact Check:

Notley recently lost her election for Alberta Premier to Danielle Smith of the United Conservative Party, Global News reported. Notely will still serve as Alberta’s New Democrat Party leader.

The Twitter post purports that Notley called anyone against trans rights Christian fascists. The post shares a screenshot of the alleged post dated May 25.

“I am pround trans rights activist, and here is no place for Christian fascism in our province,” the post reads. “If elected I am committed to ensuring that kids of alberta have access to gender affirming surgeries without requiring parental consent, and that non-supportive parents who do not affirm their childs chosen gender face criminal charges.”

“This is their playbook,” the caption reads. “Call you a fascist, call you an extremist, and then promote the most extreme totalitarian policies you’ve never even imagined.”

The image has been digitally altered.  There is no credible news report that suggests this is an authentic tweet. There is no record of this tweet on her Twitter account. Likewise, there are no results for this on a Twitter advanced search(RELATED: Image Claims To Show Explosion AT Pentagon)

Notley has tweeted her support of the transgender community for years, some going back as far as 2017, but this claim has never been mentioned. On this year’s Trans Day of Visibility, May 31, Notley once again tweeted out her support and received many negative comments. One user responded with a “Christian Lives Matter” image and another with just a puking emoji.

This is not the first time a fabricated claim has been shared online. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim that the Guardian published a piece about getting “dozens” of COVID-19 vaccine boosters.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter