FACT CHECK: Does Viral Image Show Tom Cruise With Stunt Doubles?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A photo shared on Facebook claims to show actor Tom Cruise with stunt doubles who look almost identical to him. 

Verdict: False

The claim is fabricated. It was originally posted to a Facebook group for sharing images created by artificial intelligence (AI).

Fact Check: 

Tom Cruise got an advance screening of the upcoming superhero movie “The Flash” and enjoyed it so much that he called the movie’s director, Andy Muschietti, to praise it, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Muschietti stated that the call was “a confidence boost,” Variety reported.

The image shows three men who look almost exactly like Cruise. In the photo, they are posing together and wearing white button up shirts with their hair styled similarly.

“Tom Cruise and his stunt doubles,” the post’s caption reads.

The image was originally posted to the Midjourney Official Facebook page. Its bio describes Midjourney as a “cutting-edge text-to-image generative artificial intelligence program and service.” 

“*If you intend to copy and paste these photos on your website or your FB, please at least mentioned and give credit to the original creator (which is me) or Midjourney, the platform where all these images are created,” reads the original screenshot, which was archived on the Wayback Machine

The creator made a follow-up post commenting on the image’s popularity. (RELATED: Do These Photos Show A Body Double Of Volodymyr Zelenskyy?)

“I made a few AI images of Tom Cruise Stunt Doubles with Midjourney a few days ago, for fun. Didn’t expect it to go viral,” the post reads in part. “Now at least a million people around the world are asking if the photos are real.”

Check Your Fact has reached out to Midjourney for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter