FACT CHECK: No, ‘San Franception’ Is Not A Real Road In San Francisco, California

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A photo shared on Instagram allegedly shows an extremely steep hill in San Francisco, California. 

Verdict: False

The photo is edited. It was originally posted in 2021 and is a composite of two images, according to its caption. The creator of the artwork confirmed it was a composite image in an email to Check Your Fact.

Fact Check: 

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The Instagram post allegedly shows an image of a dangerously steep road in San Francisco. The image features a woman at the top of the hill photographing the scene.

“Dem hills in SF are steep,” the image’s text reads.

This photo is digitally altered, however. The photo was originally shared on Instagram by photographer Tristan Zhou in November 2021. “San Franception,” the caption reads. “One of my most favorite edits of all time, a composite of two images, both shot in San Francisco, CA.”


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Zhou reposted the photo on June 18 alongside another similar image that instead shows a winding road at the bottom of the hill. The artist mentions in the caption that the first image is commonly stolen and reposted. (RELATED: Map Shows California Election Results From 1984, Not 2020)

“This is my composite photography work created back in 2021,” Zhou told Check Your Fact in an email. “I tried reporting that post, but it hasn’t been taken down yet.”

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter