FACT CHECK: Did The Guardian Claim A Former British Politician Won An Award With Russian Money?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A photo shared on Facebook alleges The Guardian published an article claiming an award won by former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage was won with Russian money. 

Verdict: False

The screenshot is digitally fabricated. A spokesperson for the Guardian confirmed in an email to Check Your Fact that no such article exists.

Fact Check: 

Farage recently won the Television and Radio Industries Club (TRIC) award for best news presenter, according to Mirror. Farage criticized TRIC for deleting a tweet congratulating him on his win, and the tweet was reposted, but with the replies turned off, Daily Mail reported.

A Facebook image allegedly shows a screenshot of an opinion piece from The Guardian claiming Farage won the TRIC awards only due to the help of Russian money. The article was purportedly published on June 28, 2023 by a writer named Carole Cadwalladr.

“Nigel Farage could never have won the TRIC awards News Presenter of the Year without the help of Russian money,” the alleged title reads.

This photo is digitally fabricated, however. The alleged article cannot be found on The Guardian’s website or verified social media accounts. Likewise, the piece does not appear on Cadwalladr’s profile. (RELATED: Did The Guardian Publish An Article Claiming June Isn’t Cold Because Of Climate Change?)

“We can confirm that the link shared has never been a published Guardian headline or story,” a spokesperson for the Guardian told Check Your Fack in an email. The spokesperson also directed Check Your Fact to a Reuters article debunking the claim. 

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter