FACT CHECK: Is A Book With The Contents Of Hunter Biden’s Laptop Available For Purchase?

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on social media purportedly shows a physical copy of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop in the form of a book.

Verdict: True

The claim is accurate. The book is being sold by a Nonprofit research group for $50.

Fact Check:

The House Oversight Committee recently held a hearing in regard to Hunter Biden’s alleged tax crimes, The Hill reported. The committee heard from two IRS agent whistleblowers who shared their frustration with the manner in which the investigation was conducted, according to the outlet.

The Twitter post purports a book that contains the contents of Biden’s laptop is being printed and sold. The woman in the video flips through her copy of “Report on the Biden Laptop” by Marco Polo for the camera.

The caption reads, “A physical “report” on Hunter Biden’s laptop is being sold for $50. This is our life now. As long as Hunter Biden is a factor, these people won’t have any substantive policy improvements or intellectual debates for the next 18 months.”

A book does exist of the contents of Biden’s laptop. An aide to former President Donald Trump, Garrett Ziegler, launched a non-profit called Marco Polo. Sky News reported that Zielger started the non-profit in July 2021 and then compiled the contents of the laptop for the public to view. An early copy of the book signed by Ziegler sold on eBay for nearly $700.

The report is also accessible through the nonprofit’s website, along with select documents on the front page. Images and photos from the laptop were first published in June 2023, according to National Review.

The organization describes their work on Substack as, “A nonprofit research group exposing corruption and blackmail.” Marco Polo recently discussed their work on the Biden’s saying, “Our research group has been working hard to achieve our goal of building a permanent repository of the data on the Biden Laptop.”

Sky News goes on to report that Ziegler was given a copy of the laptop’s information by Trump’s former lawyer Rudy Giuliani in 2020. He also reportedly uploaded over 120,000 emails from the laptop in May 2022, Daily Mail reported at the time. (RELATED: Did RFK Jr. Meet With Then-President Trump To Lead A Vaccine Safety Commission?)

Check Your Fact reached out to the White House and the Trump campaign for comment and will update this piece if a response is received.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter