FACT CHECK: No, This Video Does Not Show Drone Footage Of Bigfoot

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on TikTok claims to show drone footage of Bigfoot wandering through snow. 

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Verdict: False

The video is miscaptioned. It comes from a YouTube creator who frequently creates videos with someone wearing a Bigfoot suit.

Fact Check: 

Prominent Bigfoot hunter Claudia Ackley, 51, was found dead in her Tennessee home on July 3 from a suspected heart attack, New York Post reports. Ackley made headlines in 2018 for suing California’s park services after officials discredited her bigfoot sighting, stating it was only a bear, according to Daily Mail.

A TikTok video allegedly shows drone footage of Bigfoot walking through snow. “Bigfoot is Real!” reads text superimposed on the video.

“This was actually captured by Ken’s Karpentry back in late November of 2022,” the video’s speaker said. “He was actually looking for a mama bear and her cubs when he encountered this unidentified creature. Is it a Bigfoot? Is it a hoax? You’ll have to decide.”

The video is miscaptioned, however. The footage stems from a YouTube video around the 2:21 mark. The person who uploaded, Ken’s Karpentry, has uploaded other videos of someone in a Bigfoot costume. “Sasquatch, Bigfoot or a Bear? Not Real,” one of the titles reads.
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Check Your Fact has reached out to Ken’s Karpentry for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter