FACT CHECK: Video Falsely Claims Michelle Obama Responded To Barack Obama’s ‘Hidden Gay Secret’

Christine Sellers | Fact Check Reporter

A YouTube video shared on Facebook purports former First Lady Michelle Obama allegedly responded to her husband and former President Barack Obama’s “hidden gay secret.”

Verdict: False

The video opens with a disclaimer indicating its contents are “purely speculative.” There is no evidence supporting the claim.

Fact Check:

Obama wrote about his “androgynous mind” and how he would “make love to men daily, but in the imagination” in a 1982 letter, according to the New York Post. The outlet said it had obtained the letter, which Obama wrote to his ex-girlfriend Alex McNear.

“Michelle Obama Finally Responds To Obama’s Hidden Gay Secret!!!” the video’s title reads. The video’s thumbnail features an image of the former First Lady along with the phrase, “FILING DIVORCE.”

The claim is false, as the video opens with a disclaimer indicating its contents are “purely speculative.”

“This video is not definitive evidence concerning any subject matter discussed in the video. No assertions are being made regarding the actions or conduct of any individual or entity featured in the video,” the disclaimer reads in part.

Check Your Fact reviewed the over nine-minute video, and does not provide any evidence to support its claims. The video’s narrator even points out that speculation about the former Democratic President’s sexual orientation stems from his “staunch support for LGBTQ+ rights.” Likewise, the video references a February 2020 fact-check article published by Snopes debunking the claim Michelle Obama purportedly divorced her husband after he admitted he was gay.

Check Your Fact also found no credible news reports to support the claim. Additionally, neither the former First Lady nor the former President have publicly commented on the claim. (RELATED: No, The Obamas Don’t Have A ‘Personal Coroner’ Who Will Be Performing Tafari Campbell’s Autopsy)

Check Your Fact has contacted the Obamas through their Obama Foundation for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.

Christine Sellers

Fact Check Reporter