FACT CHECK: Did ‘AI Robots’ Attend A Football Game To Promote New Movie ‘The Creator’?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on Facebook allegedly shows “AI robots” at a football game between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Miami Dolphins to promote new science fiction film “The Creator.”

Verdict: False

The claim is inaccurate. The video depicts actors in makeup, not robots, a Disney spokesperson confirmed in an email to Check Your Fact.

Fact Check: 

Tesla has unveiled the latest version of its humanoid robot named Optimus, showing that it can do yoga poses, a major improvement from being unable to walk on its own a year ago, according to The Independent. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the company’s plans to develop humanoid robots in 2021, stating that the robots could be used in factories or as companions to humans, Business Insider reported.

A Facebook video purports AI Robots were in the stands of a football game. The video shows humanoid fans with blank expressions, robotic movements and what appears to be mechanical parts on the side of their heads and necks.

“If this video of robots at the Dolphins vs Chargers game last Sunday doesn’t creep you out, nothing will,” the caption reads in part. “They were there to promote a new man against machine movie called ‘The Creator.’ These robots are not actors or people in suits, but they are real characters from the upcoming movie ‘The Creator.'”

This claim is inaccurate, however. Credible news reports refer to the people as “robots” in quotation marks, implying that the people are not really robots. (RELATED: No, This Video Does Not Show A Robot Sent To Ukraine From The UK)

“The ‘robots’ featured in photos and videos are indeed human actors,” a Disney spokesperson confirmed in an email to Check Your Fact. The spokesperson also referred to a fact check from Reuters debunking the claim. 

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter