FACT CHECK: Image Of Greta Thunberg Wearing Hamas Headband Is Altered

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A photo shared on X, formerly Twitter, allegedly shows climate activist Greta Thunberg wearing a Hamas headband and holding up an ISIS flag. 

Verdict: False

The photo has been digitally altered. The original image was posted by Thunberg and shows her holding a “stand with Gaza” sign with no headband or ISIS flag in sight.

Fact Check: 

Thunberg has shown support for Palestine during its conflict with Israel, including holding up a “Free Palestine” and Palestinian flag during a Dec. 15 protest, according to the Jerusalem Post. A spokesperson for the Israeli military lashed out at Thunberg in October for her support of Palestine, saying anyone who identifies with her is “a terror supporter,” Politico reported.

An X photo allegedly shows Thunberg showing support for Hamas and ISIS. The image appears to show Thunberg wearing a green headband with white Arabic text often seen worn by members of Hamas. She also appears to be holding up a flag representing ISIS.

The photo is digitally altered, however. The genuine image was used in an article from The Times of Northwest Indiana and another photo of the activist holding the sign in the same shoot was posted to X on Oct. 20 by Thunberg. She is not seen wearing a headband or holding a flag, but instead holding a sign that reads “stand with Gaza” while surrounded with others holding signs with pro-Palestine sentiments. Most of the others in the group have been cropped out or altered in the edited iteration of the image. 

There are no credible news reports about an image of Thunberg showing support for Hamas and ISIS. (RELATED: Viral X Image Purporting To Show Greta Thunberg Holding Anti-Semitic Book Is Digitally Altered)

Check Your Fact reached out to a Thunberg spokesperson for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received. 

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter