FACT CHECK: No, Image Shared On Social Media Does Not Show Taylor Swift With Jeffrey Epstein

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on X, formerly Twitter, allegedly shows musician Taylor Swift alongside late financier Jeffrey Epstein. 

Verdict: False

The man in the image is not Epstein. It was originally posted in 2021, two years after Epstein’s death.

Fact Check: 

The Epstein list has been revealed, revealing dozens of public figures who had connections to the late sex offender, including former President Bill Clinton, former President Donald Trump and late musician Michael Jackson, according to BBC. Some names on the list are Epstein’s victims, household staff or other names that came up during the court case between one of his accusers and his sex-trafficking partner Ghislaine Maxwell, Business Insider reported.

The X post purports Taylor Swift and Jeffrey Epstein took a photo together. The photo allegedly shows Swift sitting with a man, allegedly Epstein, with her arm around his shoulder.

“The best thing about the Epstein case is seeing how people who attacked Kanye West turned out to be pedophiles, like Taylor Swift. The world is putting the pieces into place,” the caption reads after being translated from Spanish.

The image is miscaptioned, however. The photo was posted to Instagram in December 2021. “Taylor with Monte Lipman (CEO of Republic Records),” the caption reads.

This cannot show Epstein, as he was found dead in his prison cell two years prior, on Aug. 19, 2019, according to ABC News. The photo of Swift and Lipman was also posted to X and Reddit in the same month, both refer to the man in the photo as the Republic Records CEO. (RELATED: Does Video Show Tom Hanks After He Fled The Country Because Of Epstein’s Client List?)

Other photos of Lipman match the man in the photo, such as images on Getty Images, Lipman’s LinkedIn and an image used in an interview with Billboard

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter