FACT CHECK: No, Joe Biden Did Not Plagiarize A Speech From Hillary Clinton

Christine Sellers | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on Instagram purports President Joe Biden recently plagiarized a speech from former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


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Verdict: Misleading

Biden did not recently plagiarize a speech from Clinton. Both Biden and Clinton quoted lyrics from Rev. James Cleveland’s song “I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired” in their respective speeches.

Fact Check:

A recent poll from Quinnipiac University shows a close race between Biden and former President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, according to Politico. The same poll indicates 49% of registered voters support Biden, while 46% support Trump, the outlet reported.

“Hillary and Biden speaking in Historically Black Churches 15 years apart.. They sound very sincere and natural!” text overlay on the video reads. The video features side-by-side clips of Clinton and Biden’s speeches, which are very similar.

The claim is misleading, however, as both Clinton and Biden quoted lyrics from the song “I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired” in their respective speeches. Clinton referenced the song while delivering remarks on the 42nd anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama back in 2007.

Clinton quoted the song after mentioning the need to protect voting rights.

“My friends, we have a march to finish. I will be reintroducing the Count Every Vote Act, to ensure that every voter is given the opportunity to vote, that every vote is counted, and each voter is given the chance to verify his or her vote before it is cast and made permanent.”

“We have to stay awake. We have a march to finish. On this floor today, let us say with one voice the words of James Cleveland’s great freedom hymn, “I don’t feel no ways tired/I come too far from where I started from/Nobody told me that the road would be easy/I don’t believe he brought me this far to leave me,” she said.

Similarly, Biden quoted the song during a recent political event in Charleston, South Carolina.

“Folks, my fellow Americans, this is a time of choosing, so let us choose the truth. Let us choose America. I know — I know we can do it together. And as the gospel song sings, ‘We’ve come too far from where we started. Nobody told me the road would be easy.’ (Applause.) ‘I don’t believe he brought me this far to leave me.’ My fellow Americans, I don’t think the good Lord brought us this far to leave us behind,” Biden said, according to a transcript shared on the White House’s website.

In addition to Instagram, the claim also circulated on TikTok and X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter. Video of the two speeches was shared on X by the account @RNCResearch. (RELATED: Nikki Haley Claims She Never Said Hillary Clinton Was An Inspiration)

Check Your Fact has contacted the White House for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.

Christine Sellers

Fact Check Reporter