FACT CHECK: Truth Social Post Urging Taylor Swift To ‘Stay Out Of Politics’ Is Parody

Christine Sellers | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook purports to show a TRUTH Social post from former President Donald Trump urging singer Taylor Swift to “stay out of politics.”

Verdict: False

The claim originally circulated on X, the social media platform previously called Twitter, and is parody. Trump did not make the purported remark.

Fact Check:

Trump supposedly said he’s “more popular” than Swift, HuffPost reported, citing Rolling Stone. In addition, Trump claimed his fans are more committed than Swift’s, according to the same HuffPost article.

“This whole Taylor Swift thing has gotten so completely out of hand. Why anyone would listen to her when it comes to politics is beyond me,” the purported TRUTH Social post reads in part. “Washed-up entertainers need to know their lane and stay in it and stay out of politics,” it continues.

The claim is false, however. The purported TRUTH Social post originally circulated on X, formerly Twitter, and is parody. The post stems from social media user @DudeTweetsALot, who admitted he “made up” the post in a subsequent tweet.

Likewise, a closer look at the purported TRUTH Social post indicates there are some obvious signs that it is parody. Firstly, the handle in the post is @TheRealPrez, whereas Trump’s verified X handle is @realDonaldTrump. Second, Trump’s display name is listed as him being the 45th president as well as the soon-to-be 47th president, while Trump’s actual display name is Donald J. Trump. Finally, TRUTH! for iPhone 4.0 Pro is listed as Trump’s cell phone carrier. A cell phone carrier is not listed on more recent tweets from Trump’s verified handle.

In addition, the purported post neither appears on Trump’s TRUTH Social profile nor his official website. There are also no credible news reports indicating he made the purported remark. In fact, the opposite is true. Reuters published an article on Feb. 5, labeling the claim as false.

Furthermore, Swift has not publicly commented on the claim via her verified social media accounts. (RELATED: Does This Image Show Taylor Swift With A ‘Trump Won’ Flag?)

The parody TRUTH Social post appears to have circulated in relation to a recent theory that Swift is potentially being used as a 2024 election “psy op.” Following this theory, Trump has pledged to wage “holy war” on the singer, according to Rolling Stone.

Check Your Fact has contacted a Trump spokesperson for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.

Christine Sellers

Fact Check Reporter