FACT CHECK: No, This Video Allegedly Showing a UFO Over Sweden Is Not Real

Jesse Stiller | Contributor

A post shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, claims to show footage of a unidentified flying object (UFO) flying over Sweden earlier in February 2024.

Verdict: False

The video steam from a Swedish 3D artist’s account. There are no credible reports documenting such an event taking place.

Fact Check:

A UFO-themed commercial for the website building and hosting company Squarespace aired during the Super Bowl, featuring clips of whistleblower David Grusch’s testimony on the topic at a House hearing last summer, according to Fox Business. The former Air Force intelligence officer accused the U.S. government last year of “concealing a multi-decade program” that reverse-engineers seized UFOs, Associated Press reported at the time.

The X post appears to show grainy and dimly-lit footage of an aircraft flying in the sky. The footage contains the date “05/02/2024,” or Feb. 5, 2024. The object appears to be a oval-like shape with a tail underneath.

“UFO filmed in Sweden,” the post’s caption claims. “This video allegedly shows a UFO filmed in night vision flying over Sweden.”

The footage is not real. A reverse image search of a screenshot from the video revealed that the origin of the footage is from a Swedish 3D artist, qvist_designs. A search of the artist’s profile shows multiple 3D-rendered models such as cars, handguns and other spaceships, including some from Star Wars.

“The video is fake and it was done in a 3d program called blender,” qvist_designs told Check Your Fact via email. (RELATED: Does This Photo Show The Future Of Human Evolution?)

In addition, there are no credible news reports suggesting any residents in Sweden saw a UFO in the skies on that date.

Jesse Stiller