FACT CHECK: No, Aaron Bushnell Did Not Make Antisemitic Reddit Post Circulating Online

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on X allegedly shows an antisemitic Reddit post made by Aaron Bushnell prior to his self-immolation. 

Verdict: False

Although Bushnell’s account appears to be suspended, no such post can be found through searching a tool that accesses deleted Reddit posts.

Fact Check: 

Bushnell, a 25-year-old Air Force engineer, set himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in Washington on Sunday in protest against the Israel-Palestine war, screaming, “Free Palestine!”  according to New York Post. In his will, he wrote that he wanted his savings to go to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, a nonprofit which provides humanitarian aid in Gaza, Huffington Post reported.

The post purports Bushnell made an antisemetic post online. The X post shares a screenshot of the alleged Reddit post and is attributed to the account acebush1.

The alleged post reads, “Palestine will be free when all the jews are dead.” The post’s caption reads, in part, “This is from the man who set fire to himself for ‘Palestine’ Palestine is a racist hate movement,”

The claim is fabricated. The Reddit account, u/acebush1, appears to have been suspended. The account did in fact belong to Bushnell, according to The Post Millenial

Although the account is suspended, using PullPush, a tool that tracks deleted Reddit posts, does not yield any results for the alleged post. (RELATED: No, This Video Does Not Show A Palestinian Girl Sleeping In Street During Israel-Hamas War)

Journalist Michael Tracy posted on X saying the screenshot was faked. When prompted, the X account that appears to have originally posted the screenshot said, “my friend sent this one to me when she took screenshots of his posts but i cant go on there as of now because reddit is clearing his posts.” The account does not provide any evidence.

The claim was also debunked by Snopes.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter