FACT CHECK: No, Canadian Passport Application Did Not Remove Palestine As Country Of Birth Option

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on TikTok claims Canada has recently removed the option to put Palestine for country of birth on a passport application and instead list “no country of birth.” 

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Verdict: False 

Palestine has not been removed as an option on Canadian passport applications, but instead can be manually entered by selecting “other” on the drop down menu.

Fact Check:

Israeli forces shot dead over 100 Palestinians on Thursday as they waited for an aid delivery, according to Reuters. At least 112 people were killed and an additional 280 injured in the massacre, the outlet reported.

A TikTok video claims you can no longer choose Palestine as a place of birth on a Canadian passport. The video features a woman who says, “in Canada, you’re not allowed to be from Palestine anymore.”

She says she discovered this as her grandmother, who was born in Al-Bassa, Palestine, was renewing her passport. “According to the government of Canada, on her new passport, Palestine has to be removed and replaced with ‘no country of birth,'” she continues.

This claim is untrue, however. A pdf of the Canada passport form shows an option that says “OTHER – PLEASE SPECIFY” in which applicants can enter text. There is no option that says “no country of birth.”(RELATED: Lloyd Austin Claims 25,000 Palestinian Women And Children Have Been Killed As Of Feb. 29)

Marc Miller, the Canadian minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, made an X post clearing up the claim. “I’d like to correct recent claims circulating on social media related to the selection of Palestine as the country of birth on the Canadian passport,” it reads. “There have been no recent changes to the country list available in the Canadian passport application form.” In a second post, Miller says that Palestine can be entered manually after clicking on the “other” field. 

“There have been no recent changes to the country list available in the Canadian passport application form,” a spokesperson for the Canadian Passport Program told Check Your Fact via email. “The process remains that if the applicant was born before May 14, 1948, and requests Palestine as their country of birth, they can do so by going into the application drop down menu and clicking on the ‘Other’ field followed by entering or typing ‘Palestine’ in the ‘Please Specify’ field.”

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter