FACT CHECK: Photo Of Emaciated Child Shows Yemeni, Not Palestinian, Boy

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

Photos shared on X allegedly show a Palestinian child suffering from starvation amid the Israel-Palestine war. 

***Warning: Disturbing Imagery***

Verdict: False

The post is miscaptioned. The second image shown in the post shows an image of a Yemeni boy taken in 2020.

Fact Check:

The Gaza Health Ministry said Wednesday that at least 20 Palestinians have died of malnutrition in hospital and a potentially higher number have died after being unable to access help, according to NBC News. Displaced Palestinians are struggling to feed their children as Israel has placed severe restrictions on aid, CNN reported.

An X post purports to show an image of a Palestinian boy suffering from malnutrition. The post shows two images of an emaciated young boy.

“This is what Israel [is] really doing,” the post reads. “Can’t believe it’s happening in 21st Century.”

The second image does not show a Palestinian boy, however. It was posted in 2021 by Reuters along with the description, “Faid Samim, 7, a malnourished boy who also has cerebral palsy, lies on a bed at the malnutrition treatment ward of al-Sabeen hospital in Sanaa, Yemen December 28, 2020.” (RELATED: Lloyd Austin Claims 25,000 Palestinian Women And Children Have Been Killed As Of Feb. 29)

Check Your Fact could not verify the origin of the first image shown. A reverse image search shows social media posts claiming that the image shows Palestinian Yazan al-Kafarna who died from severe malnutrition. Although the exact image could not be located, reports from credible news sources, such as Middle East Eye and Lovin Palestine, about Kafarna’s death show images that resemble the first image shown on X. Kafarna was 10 years old and suffered from cerebral palsy, his death bringing the total number of Palestinian children who have died from starvation to 16 since October, according to the Middle East Eye

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter