FACT CHECK: Posts Claim Hamas Likely Killed Aid Workers

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

A post shared on X claims that Hamas likely killed seven foreign aid workers.

Verdict: False

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) took responsibility for the strike. Open-source intelligence suggests it was an Israeli precision strike.

Fact Check:

A strike killed seven aid workers with the World Central Kitchen  (WCK) were killed in Gaza on April 1, according to The Washington Post. The organization said it was halting operations in Gaza, the outlet reported.

Social media users have been claiming that Hamas was responsible for the attack. One user wrote, “The IDF is investigating an incident in which 5 foreign aid workers were killed in Gaza which appears to be by a side bomb planted by Hamas for our forces in Deir al-Balah.”

Another user wrote, “A rocket has gone thru the roof of this ‘World Central Kitchen’ vehicle – so I’d say Hamas have killed these aid workers.”

The claim is false. The IDF said that it carried out the strike that killed the aid workers, not Hamas, according to the Times of Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the strike was “tragic” and that Israel did not intend to strike the workers,  NPR reported.

“Unfortunately, during the last day there was a tragic case of an unintentional hit by our forces of innocent people in the Gaza Strip. This happens in war,” Netanyahu said in his statement.

Bellingcat, a Dutch open-source investigative outlet, reported that the strike that killed the workers “bear the hallmarks of a precision strike, which only the IDF has the capability to conduct in the region.” Three vehicles were hit, according to Bellingcat and the WCK.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the IDF spokesperson, said in a video message that he had spoken with Chef Jose Andres and expressed the deepest condolences of the IDF to the families and the entire World Central Kitchen family.” (RELATED: Image Misidentifies Moscow Terrorist Attack Suspect)

“We will be opening a probe to examine this serious incident further. This will help us reduce the risk of such an event from occurring again,” Hagari said in the message.

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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