FACT CHECK: Eclipse Image Is Photo Of Spain, Not Portugal’s View In 2024

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook allegedly shows a view of the April 8 solar eclipse in Portugal. 

Verdict: False

The image does not show the April 8, 2024 eclipse. It has been shared since at least 2021.

Fact Check:

A total solar eclipse was visible in the sky over areas in Mexico, 15 U.S. states and Canada, according to NBC News. 32 million Americans fell within the eclipse’s path of totality and were able to see the full eclipse, while those outside of the path were only able to see it partially, CNN reported.

A Facebook post claims to show an image of the eclipse taken in Portugal. The image shows a view of what appears to be a red-hued solar eclipse over a waterside city.

“The view from Portugal… Solar Eclipse today, 8th April, 2024,” the caption reads. (RELATED: Will The April 8 Eclipse Cause Three To Five Days Of Darkness?)

The claim is inaccurate. The eclipse is not viewable in Portugal, but instead only parts of Mexico, the United States and Canada, according to the NASA website

The photo originates from at least 2021, when it was posted on sites such as Reddit and X.

In a reply to the X post, someone pointed out that the image shows Spain, not Portugal, and that the picture appears to be digitally altered due to the positioning of the shadows. “1. Not Portugal. This is Spain. 2. Pretty obvious edit job, especially at the point between the mountains and sky. 3. Visible shadows are pointing to the left… which means when this was taken, the sun was to the right in the photo, over the ocean,” the comment reads.

The image does, in fact, resemble a location in Spain, which can be seen on Google Maps.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter