FACT CHECK: No, Jason Derulo Did Not Fall Down Stairs At Met Gala

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A photo shared on Threads allegedly shows musician Jason Derulo falling down the stairs at the Met Gala. 


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Verdict: False

The image has been spread claiming it was Derulo since 2015, but that is not the case. It was taken at a 2011 film festival and shows an unspecified man, not Derulo, according to its original Getty Images caption.

Fact Check:

Following the Met Gala last week, a trend has emerged on social media to boycott and block celebrities who have stayed silent on the Israel-Hamas war, according to The Jerusalem Post. Dozens of pro-Palestinian protestors attempted to disrupt the event last Monday, but were thwarted by New York police and metal barricades, The Guardian reported.

A Threads post claims to show Derulo falling down stairs at the Met Gala. It appears to show a man dressed in all white falling headfirst down red carpeted stairs while two suited men attempt to catch him.

“BREAKING: Jason Derulo has fallen down the stairs at the Met Gala,” the caption reads.

This photo is miscaptioned, however. The image was originally posted to Getty Images in 2011, its caption indicating that it does not show Derulo. “A security man grabs a guest who tired to perform a stunt on the red carpet before a ceremony in honor of French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo and the screening of ‘The Beaver’ presented out of competiton (sic) at the 64th Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 2011 in Cannes,” it reads. Additionally, the 2024 Met Gala’s carpet was colored green and cream, not red, which can be seen in multiple photos of the event from Reuters

The rumor has been spreading since at least 2015, when Derulo responded to the claim with a post saying he was in L.A., according to CosmopolitanDerulo did an interview that year describing how even his own grandma was fooled by it and concerned for his well being. (RELATED: No, Image Does Not Show Rihanna At 2024 Met Gala)

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter