FACT CHECK: Video Claims To Show King Of Denmark Waving Palestinian Flag

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

A video shared on X claims to show the King of Denmark waving the Palestinian flag.

Verdict: False

The video shows a man in Sweden, not the King of Denmark.

Fact Check:

Social media users are claiming to show the King of Denmark, Frederick X, waving a Palestinian flag. One user wrote, ‘King of Denmark 🇩🇰 Frederik X waves the Palestinian flag from his balcony as he greets hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Copenhagen in solidarity with the people of Palestine.”

This claim is false. First, the video was taken at a pro-Palestinian rally in Malmo, Sweden, not Denmark. A person who attended the rally said the video just showed a man, not the king. (RELATED: Biden Makes Claims About His Life In Howard Stern Interview)

“I’m sorry but this is literally not the king of Denmark, it’s just some guy who was on his balcony with his kid when our demonstration in Malmö passed his flat this week. Disinformation is not helpful for the cause. It was super cute though, the kid blew bubbles!” the person tweeted.

The man also does not match images of the Danish monarch. The man in the image is clean-shaven, while recent images of the king show him with facial hair. Furthermore, the building where the man was seen waving the flag is in Malmo, Sweden.

BBC Verify reporter Shayan Sardarizadeh also debunked the claim in a May 12 tweet.

“This widely shared video claims to show the King of Denmark Frederik X waving the Palestinian flag. The video was filmed at a pro-Palestinian rally in Malmo, Sweden, during Eurovision. As explained by someone at the rally, it’s just a man on the balcony of his flat,” Sardarziadeh tweeted.

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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