FACT CHECK: No, Andy Reid Did Not Say He Would Leave Team If Harrison Butker Was Fired

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on X claims Kansas City Chiefs Andy Reid said he would leave the team if kicker Harrison Butker was fired. 

Verdict: False

Reid did not say this. The post originates from an account that posts satire.

Fact Check: 

Butker is facing controversy after he delivered a commencement speech saying women find more fulfillment in getting married and having children, among other things, according to CNN. His teammate, Patrick Mahomes, defended him, but noted they are “not always going to agree.”

An X post purports Andy Reid will leave the Chiefs if Butker is fired. The post shared an image of Reid in Chiefs gear, and one of Butker speaking into a microphone.

“Andy Reed (sic) Stands Behind Harrison Butker: ‘If Harrison Goes, I go With Him.'”

The image’s text also reads, in part, “Reed said he’s not concerned with breaking his contract. ‘I’m due to retire, if that’s what it takes.'”

The claim is inaccurate, however. The bottom left corner of the image shows the text “America’s Last Line of Defense,” which is the name of a satire Facebook page. The account’s bio reads, “The flagship of the ALLOD network of trollery. Nothing on this page is real.” Check Your Fact has debunked claims originating from this account several times previously.  (RELATED: Did Harrison Butker Follow Up Commencement With This Comment)

Reid said of Butker, “He has his opinions and we all respect that,” according to the New York Post. There are no credible news reports about him making the “If Harrison goes, I go with him” comment.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter