FACT CHECK: Post Shows Vlogger Candice King Speaking On The Israel-Hamas War, Not Actress Candice King

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on X allegedly shows actress Candice King condemning people staying silent about the Israel-Hamas war. 

Verdict: False

The person speaking in the video is not the actress King, but instead an influencer who shares the same name.

Fact Check:

Israel’s offensive in Rafah has displaced nearly a million Palestinians over the span of the last three weeks with many Palestinians unable to afford food being driven in, according to AP News. At the same time, many Gazans in tent camps are struggling to find food, water and other supplies as the United Nations says the territory is now in “near-famine,” the outlet reported.

A X video allegedly shows King speaking on the Israel-Hamas war. The video shows a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes yelling and gesturing towards the camera.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” she says. “I’m not talking about the Israeli government, I’m talking about you guys who are still silent.” She then says there are beheaded babies in Rafah that “should draw the line for us all.”


This video is miscaptioned. It originated from an Instagram influencer who also happens to be named Candice King. “South Africa’s most followed travel family,” the account’s bio reads. “Using our voice to free Palestine.” Many of her other posts discuss the Israel-Hamas war. (RELATED: X Video Falsely Claims To Show Children Faking Their Deaths In Rafah)

On the contrary, the American actress, best known for her role in “The Vampire Diaries,” King’s Instagram does not show any posts regarding the war. Although both women are blonde and share a name, a picture of the actress King from Getty Images does not look like the woman seen in the video.  

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter