FACT CHECK: No, SpaceX Did Not Make This Post About Starship Rocket Mishap

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A photo shared on X allegedly shows a post from SpaceX saying that Flight 4 of its megarocket Starship has “experienced a severe common dome implosion.” 

Verdict: False

The post has been digitally fabricated. It cannot be found on SpaceX’s verified account.

Fact Check:

SpaceX has performed a “wet dress rehearsal” of its rocket, meaning its booster was filled with liquid oxygen and liquid methane, according to The Independent. It will launch again next week even though it did not survive the test.

The post shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, allegedly shows a tweet from SpaceX in which they announce a failure. An image appears to show a screenshot from SpaceX’s verified X account made on May 28.

“Shortly after testing today, Flight 4 Starship experienced a severe common dome implosion,” the alleged post reads. “This has delayed Flight 4 of Starship until further notice. Teams are currently monitoring the situation and will update as soon as possible.” 

The image is digitally fabricated, however. The post cannot be found through a search of SpaceX’s X account. (RELATED: NASA Claimed Alan Shepherd Piloted First Crewed Flight To Space)

Although, it is true that the Starship has gone through an explosion. This occurred to an unmanned rocket roughly four minutes into an April 2023 flight, according to PBS. Starship’s second test flight exploded eight minutes after liftoff in November 2023, according to Space.com. Yet another explosion occurred recently in McGregor, Texas after the company tested its Raptor 2 engines, according to tech news site Engadget. Starship’s fourth test flight has not yet taken place, but instead is scheduled for June 5, the outlet reported. 

Check Your Fact has reached out to a SpaceX spokesperson for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter