FACT CHECK: No, Vin Diesel Did Not Pull $1 Million Annual Donation From Boy Scouts

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook claims actor and film producer Vin Diesel has pulled a $1 million annual donation to the Boy Scouts of America.

Verdict: False

The post originates from an account that posts satire, according to its bio.

Fact Check:

Some families are withdrawing from the Boy Scouts of America as the organization seeks to change its name to Scouting America next year, according to the New York Post. Prior controversial decisions include the organization allowing openly gay leaders and members, leading to some members to look to move to “faith-based” organizations, the outlet reported.

The Facebook post alleges Diesel pulled a donation from the Boy Scouts of America. The post shows an image of Diesel alongside a picture of a scout saluting an American flag.

Underneath text reads, “Eagle Scout Vin Diesel Pulls 1 Million Annual Donation to the Scouts: ‘It’s No Longer the Organization I Know and Love.'”

The claim is baseless, however. There are no credible news reports about this taking place. (RELATED: No, Boy Scouts Of America Did Not Lose Millions After Elon Musk Called Organization ‘Woke’)

The claim originates from a satire outlet called America’s Last Line of Defense. “The flagship of the ALLOD network of trollery,” the account’s bio reads. “Nothing on this page is real.”

“There is no validity to this claim whatsoever,”  a spokesperson for the Boy Scouts of America confirmed in an email to Check Your Fact. “The referenced meme originated from a satirical site. It has no grounding in any factual information.”

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter