FACT CHECK: Did Walmart Switch To 24 Hour Operations On June 3?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook claims all U.S. Walmart locations have switched over to being open 24 hours a day as of June 3, 2024. 

Verdict: False

The claim is baseless. There are no current plans for the stores to return to being open 24 hours a day, a Walmart spokesperson told Check Your Fact in an email.

Fact Check:

Walmart has announced a new program that includes giving bonuses for its hourly workers, according to the New York Post. Over 700,000 U.S. Walmart employees will be able to access the plan and can see some workers earning an extra $350 to $1000, the outlet reported.

The Facebook post purports Walmart stores will be open 24 hours. The image shows an alleged screenshot from Walmart’s Facebook account made on May 28. The accompanying image shows a Walmart storefront with the sky above being divided in the middle between night and day.

Walmart has announced starting June 3rd all locations in the U.S. Will go back to 24hrs,” the caption reads. (RELATED: No, A Walmart In TN Has Not Set Up Portable Toilets Outside For Migrants)

There is no evidence for the claim, however. Although the image allegedly shows a screenshot from the official Walmart Facebook account, no such post can be found through a search of the account. Likewise, there are no credible news reports about the alleged change. Furthermore, no announcement can be found on their website

There are no current plans to return our stores to 24 hours of operations,” a Walmart spokesperson confirmed to Check Your Fact via email. 

The claim also appeared on X in 2022. The official Walmart account replied to multiple posts, clarifying that the company had no current plans to return to being open 24 hours.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter