FACT CHECK: Image Claiming To Show A Crash Involving Two Cybertrucks Is AI-Generated

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A photo shared on X allegedly shows two Tesla Cybertrucks that have gotten in a car wreck. 

Verdict: False

The photo has been created with the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Fact Check: 

Many people have reported that the delivery of their Cybertrucks have been halted due to the vehicle having issues with its windshield wipers not functioning, causing extremely limited visibility, according to Sky News. Musk’s other venture, X, is focusing on payment services and payment transmitter licenses, according to Ars Technica.

A photo appears to show one Cybertruck that collided with the rear of another Cybertruck. Both vehicle’s wheels appear to be detached from their axles, and various car parts cover the ground beneath them.

“Just had a Facebook family friend send this to me saying ‘your truck looks very weak and unsafe.’ Sigh….” the caption reads.

This image is not genuine, however. AI-generated image detector “Is it AI?” indicates that the image has a 83.55% likelihood of being AI. (RELATED: Does Tesla’s Cybertruck Come With A Free Lifetime Twitter Blue Check Mark?)

A reverse image search shows that the earliest iteration of the image appears to have been posted to X on March 27. It reads, “the self driving on these things does not work. my husband is going to fucking kill me.” The account added a comment on April 1 showing a screenshot of a Community Note saying that the image is AI-generated. The original poster implied that the photo is satirical replying with, “satire is dead.”

The Community Note points out that a giveaway that the image is AI is that door handles are visible on the Cybertruck. It is true that instead of door handles, the Cybertruck has a small button along the edge of the window that allows the door to pop open enough to be fully opened, according to Business Insider

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter