FACT CHECK: No, Audio Does Not Show Keir Starmer Disparaging Liverpool

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

A video shared on X claims to show the U.K. Labor Party leader Keir Starmer disparaging Liverpool.

Verdict: False

The video is created by artificial intelligence. It is not genuine.

Fact Check:

The United Kingdom will hold its first election in nearly five years on July 4, according to The Associated Press. Opinion polls show that the ruling Conservative Party will likely lose its hold on the government, the outlet reported.

Social media users have been sharing a video claiming to show audio of Starmer, claiming it shows him saying he hates Liverpool. One user wrote, “Secret recording of Keir Starmer at a conference saying he f**king hates Liverpool. HE HATES THIS COUNTRY.”

This claim is false. The video was created by artificial intelligence and has been circulating since October 2023, according to Sky News. The video had been released when Labour Party senior figures and activists had gathered in the city, per the outlet.

BBC Verify reporter Shayan Sardarizadeh also debunked this claim in an X post. (RELATED: Joe Biden Falsely Claims Zero Troops Died Abroad During His Presidency)

“This is an AI-generated audio clip of Keir Starmer, which went viral on TikTok during the Labour conference in Liverpool last year. Starmer has never said this. It’s fake,” Saradarizah tweeted.

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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