FACT CHECK: Video Claims To Show Trump’s Plane Flying Over DC After Debate

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

A video shared on X claims to show former President Donald Trump’s plane flying over Washington, D.C., after the June 27 debate.

Verdict: False

The video is from a simulator. It is not real.

Fact Check:

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s editorial board called on Trump to drop out from the debate, according to Fox News. This occurred after President Joe Biden has come under increasing pressure from media and other prominent figures to drop out following his June 27 debate performance, the outlet reported.

Social media users have been sharing a video claiming it shows Trump flying over Washington D.C, after the June 27 debate. One user wrote, “Trump Force One conducts a low-altitude, high-speed pass over near Washington DC after winning the debate.”

This claim is false. If Trump had flown over D.C., as described in the video, media outlets would have covered it, yet none have. A wider internet search also did not yield any results for this claim.

Through a reverse image search, Check Your Fact found that the video was posted to TikTok. The account that originally posted the video says it makes videos in Digital Combat Simulator, a video game.

@iceman_fox1 Donald Trump’s private plane conducts an authorized low altitude, high speed pass over an airport near Washington D.C. after his winning his debate #trump #usa #trumpforceone #president #biden #election #debate #military #potus #itsnotrealfolksalldigital ♬ original sound – iceman_fox1

One of the hashtags in the video says “#itsnotrealfolksalldigital.” We rate the claim that this shows Trump flying over D.C. as false. (RELATED: Video Claims To Show Netanyahu Watching Hezbollah Leader’s Speech)

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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