FACT CHECK: Did Kamala Harris Say, ‘Our Military Are Soulless Cowards’?

J. J. Cahill | Contributor

A post shared on Facebook alleges that Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris said, “Our military are soulless cowards. Their budget must be cut.”

Verdict: False

No credible sources link Harris to the quote. It actually comes from an article published on a satire website.

Fact Check:

Harris has become a popular target for fake quotes since her rise to national prominence as both a Democratic senator and a 2020 presidential candidate, with this particular statement painting her as being unsupportive of the U.S. military. (RELATED: Did Kamala Harris Say, ‘After We Impeach, We Round Up The Trump Supporters’?)

Though Harris has been critical of the U.S.’s military spending in the past (and voted against last year’s defense budget), there are no credible sources linking Harris to the statement attributed to her in the Facebook post. It doesn’t appear on her Twitter accounts or ProPublica’s archive of her deleted tweets. The congressional record has no account of her saying it either.

An internet search reveals that the quote actually comes from an article published on Daily World Update, a parody news website that refers to itself as part of a network that publishes “parody, satire, and tomfoolery.”

J. J. Cahill



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