FACT CHECK: No, These Female Trump Supporters Weren’t Actually Wearing ‘I’m A Racist B**ch’ Shirts

Aislinn Murphy | Assistant Managing Editor

An image shared on Facebook more than 800 times purportedly shows six female Trump supporters wearing “I’m A Racist Bitch 2020” t-shirts.

“Don’t oversleep on any election day,” reads the caption. “The POTUS has normalized racism, and racists are out of the closet. Know your enemy!”

Verdict: False

The women did not wear t-shirts bearing this statement. The words were superimposed onto shirts that actually say “I’m A Trump Girl.”

Fact Check:

The image, which has been shared on Facebook more than 800 times, depicts six women, presumably supportive of President Donald Trump, wearing shirts adorned with the words “I’m A Racist Bitch” and a stiletto heel. (RELATED: Did ‘Avengers’ Star Chris Evans Wear A T-Shirt Calling Republican Voters ‘Hate-Filled’?)

Though the profanity-imprinted shirts do actually exist (several clothing websites have since stopped selling them), the women were not wearing them. A reverse image search revealed that the photograph has been digitally manipulated.

Gerri McDaniels, who, according to her Twitter biography, serves as the director of Trump’s campaign efforts in South Carolina, tweeted the original picture on July 18.

“Women for Trump were on the move in Greenville, NC at the Trump Rally,” reads her tweet. “So much support it was hard to not be excited.”

In the original image, McDaniels, who is pictured, and five other women pose for a picture while wearing t-shirts that say “I’m A Trump Girl 2020.” The photograph was taken on July 17 before the group attended the Trump rally in Greenville, North Carolina, reports The Associated Press.

“We would never wear a shirt that said anything like that,” McDaniels told The Associated Press.

Aislinn Murphy

Assistant Managing Editor