FACT CHECK: Viral Video Claims To Show Joe Biden Looking At Dementia Books

Aislinn Murphy | Assistant Managing Editor

A video shared on Facebook purportedly shows former Vice President Joe Biden perusing books about dementia.

“I have to applaud Joe Biden, atleast (sic) he’s looking at the right books,” reads the caption.

Verdict: False

The sign has been superimposed into the video. It actually shows Biden shopping in November 2012 for children’s books for a reading program started by his wife.

Fact Check:

A Facebook user posted a video on March 13 allegedly showing Biden looking at books in the “Brain Exercises for Dementia” section. (RELATED: Did Joe Biden Say ‘People Who Have Never Died Before Are Now Dying From Corona Virus’?)

Similar videos have been circulating on other social media platforms: @conservativehypehouse, who posted it on TikTok, said “Yes, this is Joe Biden looking at books about dimentia (sic),” while YouTube user Mavakaga noted he’d been “caught” doing so.

But the claim in all of these posts doesn’t hold up. The sign with the words “Brain Exercises for Dementia” had been superimposed into a video of Biden doing holiday shopped at a Costco in November 2012. The original video, which comes from CBS News, has no sign of any kind in the segment where Biden is perusing through children’s books.

C-SPAN also covered Biden’s appearance at the grand opening of that Costco. In that video, Biden tells someone who is off-screen that he is “buying a bunch of books for the Book Buddies back in Delaware.” Book Buddies, a program that provides books to low-income children, was started by his wife Jill, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Aislinn Murphy

Assistant Managing Editor