FACT CHECK: Did Nancy Pelosi Tweet She Was ‘Disgusted’ With Trump For ‘Allowing People To Keep More Of The Money They Earn’?

Brad Sylvester | Fact Check Editor

An image shared on Facebook more than 121,000 times claims House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted, “I am disgusted with ‘President’ Trump allowing people to keep more of the money they earn.”

Verdict: False

There is no record of Pelosi ever tweeting this statement. The tweet has been fabricated.

Fact Check:

The image, which has been shared more than 121,000 times, shows a screen grab of an alleged tweet from Pelosi from December 2017, presumably referencing the tax reform bill President Donald Trump signed into law earlier that month. The alleged tweet was later deleted, according to text below the screen-grabbed tweet.

“I’m disgusted with ‘President’ Trump allowing people to keep more of the money they earn,” Pelosi purportedly tweeted. “It is this type of widespread theft of public resources that keeps America from being great ‘Mr. President.'”

But there is no record of Pelosi tweeting the statement. The Daily Caller News Foundation searched Pelosi’s verified Twitter account and ProPublica’s archive of her deleted tweets, but didn’t find anything resembling the statement attributed to her in the Facebook post. An internet search also failed to turn up any evidence suggesting that the tweet is real.

Social media users often fabricate tweets from politicians using websites like TweetGen and the now-defunct Tweeterino. This particular fake tweet has circulated online since 2017 and has been previously debunked by fact-checkers(RELATED: Did Chuck Schumer Delete A Tweet Saying Trump’s Travel Ban Is ‘An Excuse To Further His Ongoing War Against Immigrants’?)

Pelosi remains a popular target for fake news and misattributed quotes on the internet. Check Your Fact has debunked numerous examples of misinformation related to the speaker.

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Brad Sylvester

Fact Check Editor
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