FACT CHECK: Did Taylor Swift Call For The Removal Of The Statue Of Liberty?

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

An image shared on Facebook claims singer Taylor Swift called for the removal of the Statue of Liberty.

Verdict: False

There is no record of Swift calling for the removal of the Statue of Liberty. The pictured article appears to be fabricated.

Fact Check:

The image appears to show a screen grab of an article from G1, a news website associated with the Brazilian television network Globo. The alleged article, titled “Taylor Swift Says We Should Remove The Statue of Liberty,” is dated June 18 in the photo.

“How can you have a moment (sic) to freedom that was built by slaves,” reads the alleged subheadline. “Racist monuments make me sick.” (RELATED: Has The 9/11 Memorial In New York City Recently Been Defaced With Graffiti?)

But there is no evidence Swift has called for such action. No statement about the Statue of Liberty being removed could be found on Swift’s social media pages. When reached for comment, a representative for Swift directed the Daily Caller to a USA Today article debunking the claim.

G1 does not appear to have published the article featured in the Facebook post. A search of the G1 website turned up no articles about Swift and the Statue of Liberty. The use of the Portuguese phrase “Atualizado ha 1 hora” in the screen grab, while the rest appears in English, indicates it is likely photoshopped.

While there is no record of Swift calling for the Statue of Liberty’s removal, she did ask the state of Tennessee to remove the statues of “racist historical figures” in a June 12 tweet.

“As a Tennessean, it makes me sick that there are monuments standing in our state that celebrate racist historical figures who did evil things,” tweeted Swift. “Edward Carmack and Nathan Bedford Forrest were DESPICABLE figures in our state history and should be treated as such.”

Trevor Schakohl

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