FACT CHECK: Does This Photo Show A Human Face From A ‘Cannibal Meat Market’?

Alyssa Miguel | Editor, Check Your Fact

An image shared on Facebook purportedly shows a human face from a “cannibal meat market” in China.

Verdict: False 

The human face is a bread sculpture created by a Thai artist.

Fact Check: 

Multiple Facebook users have shared a graphic photo that they claim shows a product that came from a “cannibal meat market” in China. In the photo, what appears to be a human face sits in supermarket-style meat packaging, with a label in the corner that bears the word “EAT.”

However, the photo does not depict a human face sold at a “cannibal meat market.” It actually comes from Thai artist and baker Kittiwat Unarrom and shows a bread sculpture he made. The picture can be found on his Facebook page among hundreds of other photos of his creations.

Several media outlets have covered Unarrom and his realistic bread creations over the years. Unarrom began sculpting body parts out of bread in the 2000s, per CNN. The sculptures are completely edible, as toppings such as raisins and nuts create the features on each loaf, according to Vice. After the bread is baked, the loaves receive a red glaze to make them appear bloody and more life-like.

“I want to speak out about my religious beliefs and dough can say it all,” Unarrom told CNN. “Baking human parts can show the audience how transient bread, and life, is. Also, my bread is still bread no matter how it looks.” (RELATED: Did Macaulay Culkin Make This Statement About Hollywood Child Abuse?)

His bread sculptures of human body parts have been displayed in art exhibitions in Thailand, CNN reported.

Alyssa Miguel

Editor, Check Your Fact


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