FACT CHECK: Is Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter The Chief Marketing Officer At Zoom?

Jasmine Lee | Contributor

An image shared on Facebook claims House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is Zoom Chief Marketing Officer Janine Pelosi. 

Verdict: False

Nancy Pelosi has four daughters, none of whom are named Janine. A spokesperson from Zoom confirmed its chief marketing officer is not Nancy Pelosi’s daughter.

Fact Check: 

The video conference platform Zoom has seen a surge in use since the beginning of the pandemic in March as many businesses switched to conducting work remotely, and schools moved to using distance learning, according to The Associated Press. The company reported an over 350 percent increase in revenue in the second quarter, per CNN.

The image attempts to link Nancy Pelosi to Zoom by claiming Janine Pelosi is her daughter. It appears to show a screen grab of the chief marketing officer’s LinkedIn page with text overlaying that reads, “Can someone put 2 and 2 together and see why we’re all being pressured / forced to keep working and teaching virtually.” 

While Janine Pelosi is, in fact, the chief marketing officer at Zoom, Check Your Fact found no evidence of familial relation between her and Nancy Pelosi. The House speaker has four daughters – Nancy Corrine, Christine, Jacqueline and Alexandra –  and a son, Paul, with her husband, according to the Washington Post. The Zoom website does not list any of Nancy Pelosi’s children as being on its management team nor its board of directors. 

Zoom’s Global PR Lead, Colleen Rodriguez, also confirmed in an email to Check Your Fact that the claim is “completely inaccurate.” It appears that the claim arose from confusion about the unrelated women coincidentally having the same last name.

This is not the first time social media users have claimed Nancy Pelosi’s daughters hold positions that they actually don’t. In March, Check Your Fact debunked the false claim that one of her daughters sits on the board of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Jasmine Lee