FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show Joe Biden ‘Caught Red-Handed’ Using A Teleprompter During A Telemundo Interview?

Trevor Schakohl | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on Facebook purportedly shows Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden “caught red-handed” using a teleprompter during a recent interview.

Verdict: False

A review of the full interview shows Biden was answering questions from viewers shown on a monitor, not using a teleprompter. A Telemundo spokesperson said that the network “has never allowed someone who is being interviewed on its news programs to read answers from a teleprompter” and that the claim is “absolutely false.”

Fact Check:

The viral Facebook post features a clip from Biden’s Sept. 15 interview with Spanish-language television network Telemundo host José Díaz-Balart. In the 26-second clip, Biden can be seen looking to his left while responding to a question. He then appears to look to Díaz-Balart when the reporter asks for clarification, before looking to his left again.

The caption in the viral clip suggested that Biden was “caught red-handed” reading from a teleprompter during the Telemundo interview. Eric Trump, the son of President Donald Trump, tweeted what appears to be the same clip on Sept. 23. The Team Trump and Republican Party of Florida Facebook pages also shared similar videos.

A review of the full Sept. 15 interview by Check Your Fact reveals that Biden was not looking at a teleprompter in the moment captured in the 26-second clip. The entirety of the Telemundo interview can be found on the network’s YouTube channel. In the full video, Biden appears to face a monitor to his left showing a Telemundo viewer while answering a question the viewer asked about deportation, at one point saying, “There are going to be no deportations in the first 100 days of my campaign.”

Biden then turns to look at Díaz-Balart when the journalist interjects to ask, “Let me get that right, you are going to freeze deportations?” The former vice president appears to have his head turned toward the woman on the monitor, the full video shows, when he continues to respond, before saying what the viral clips claims sounds like: “Ok, I lost that line.”

“That’s good. We could talk, you and I about that,” Díaz-Balart responds. (RELATED: Does This Video Show Joe Biden As He ‘Botches’ The Pledge Of Allegiance?)

A spokesperson for Telemundo told Check Your Fact via email that social media posts claiming Biden used a teleprompter during the interview are “absolutely false.” The spokesperson said that Biden said, “I lost that lady,” after the monitor showing the pre-taped question from the viewer “went black” and that Díaz-Balart made the “We could talk, you and I about that” comment “so that Biden would finish his answer directly to him instead of to a blank screen.”

“Noticias Telemundo has never allowed someone who is being interviewed on its news programs to read answers from a teleprompter which would be a clear violation of its editorial policies and standards,” the Telemundo spokesman said.

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