FACT CHECK: Does This Image Show Chris Wallace In Public Without A Mask?

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

An image shared on Facebook purportedly shows “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace not wearing a mask in public.

Verdict: False

A Fox News spokesperson has confirmed that the man in the image is not Wallace. Journalists have identified the man as ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl.

Fact Check:

The claim that the image shows Wallace flouting mask guidelines circulated widely after the “Fox News Sunday” host had a heated exchange on Oct. 4 with President Donald Trump’s campaign adviser Steve Cortes over the Trump family’s decision not to wear masks while attending the Sept. 29 presidential debate. One Facebook user that shared the image remarked, “Where is YOUR mask, Chris Wallace?”

Several journalists such as CNN’s Jake Tapper and The Dispatch’s Johan Goldberg pointed out on Twitter that the man had been misidentified. Daniel Dale, a reporter for CNN, identified the man as Karl, tweeting, “This is a photo of ABC’s Jonathan Karl, from five months ago, not of Fox’s Chris Wallace recently.” It appears to have been taken near Mi Vida, a restaurant located in Washington, D.C.

The photo has been circulating since May, when a Twitter user named Luke Mahoney tweeted it in response to a tweet Karl sent calling out Fox News White House Correspondent John Roberts for not wearing a mask in the Rose Garden. Mahoney told Check Your Fact in a Twitter direct message that he took the photo “because I recognized him [Karl] and noticed a double standard regarding mask-wearing.”

The inaccurate claim that the photo shows Wallace appears to have originated with Mark Simone, a New York-based radio personality. He tweeted the photo on Oct. 4, saying, “Notice that the only one walking around in this public place without a mask on is the extremely biased, elitist, Chris Wallace.” (RELATED: Do These Photos Show Chris Wallace With Jeffrey Epstein?)

A Fox News spokesperson confirmed to Check Your Fact in an email that the image was not of Wallace. ABC News did not respond to a request for comment.

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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