FACT CHECK: Are Pennsylvania Hunters Required To Wear Orange Face Masks While Hunting?

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

A post shared on Facebook claims Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and the state’s Game Commission issued a measure requiring all hunters in the state to wear orange face masks.

Verdict: False

Wolf did not institute such a measure. The claim appears to have originated on a prank news website.

Fact Check:

Requirements such as obtaining licenses, wearing proper garments and limits of how many animals may be hunted must all be met in order to legally hunt in Pennsylvania, per the Pennsylvania Game Commission website. A post on Facebook claims that a measure requires all hunters to wear fluorescent orange face masks to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

“In an announcement late Wednesday afternoon, Governor Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania Game Commission have released new requirements for hunters taking to the woods in Pennsylvanias (sic) general seasons,” the post states. “In all seasons that require fluorescent orange to be worn, PA hunters must additionally wear an orange face mask for visual safety and to reduce the spread of Covid-19.”

Neither Wolf nor the Pennsylvania Game Commission have mandated that all hunters must wear orange face masks. No such requirement appears in any of Wolf’s 2020 executive orders. The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s “Hunting and Trapping Digest” does not include masks in its requirements for when fluorescent orange must be worn, either.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission also refuted a rumor of this kind in an Oct. 16 Facebook post. (RELATED: Does This Image Show Joe Biden In D.C. ‘Last Night’ Without A Mask?)

“There is a post containing false information circulating on social media, featuring the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s name and logo, stating hunters would be required to wear fluorescent orange face masks while hunting this year,” the commission wrote. “This is NOT TRUE.”

The text of the Oct. 15 Facebook post lifts nearly word-for-word from an article on channel22news.com, a website that allows users to create their own prank news articles. The website contains clear warnings of its satirical nature saying, “This is a Prank website that is intended for Fun.” The Facebook post fails to include similar disclaimers, however, passing the information off as factual.

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