FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show Ballots Cast For Trump Being Found In A Georgia Dumpster?

Varun Hukeri | General Assignment & Analysis Reporter

A video shared on Twitter purportedly shows ballots cast for President Donald Trump thrown in dumpster in Georgia’s Spalding County.

Verdict: False

No ballots were found in the dumpster, according to the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.

Fact Check:

The video, which has been shared on Twitter and YouTube, shows people examining papers at a dumpster, with the caption saying, “BUSTED! Ballots For Donald Trump Found In Spalding County, GA Dumpster.” It has also been shared on Facebook.

The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office released a statement Nov. 6 debunking the claim that ballots cast for Trump were found in the dumpster featured in the video. (RELATED: Did Virginia Election Workers Take Ballots Home On Election Night?)

According to the statement, the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call at the Elections Office regarding “paperwork that had been located in a dumpster behind the building.” Sheriff Darrell Dix instructed the responding officer to “clear the people from around the area of the dumpster, block off the area with crime scene tape, notify our on-call investigator and crime scene investigator and have them respond to the scene,” per the statement.

“There were no ballots found in the dumpster by anyone last night,” Dix said in the statement. “There were no ballots found in any of the contents of the dumpster that were searched this morning by the Secretary of State’s Office and my investigators. What was found were empty envelopes that were used to mail ballots to the elections office. Those envelopes are marked ‘Ballot.’ Each had been opened and they were all empty.”

The sheriff also said in the statement that “there were documents, not ballots, found in the contents of the dumpster that for security reasons, were improperly disposed of.” Sheriff’s deputies searched the dumpsters and trash cans at Spalding County’s other polling places for documents but, according to Dix’s statement, no “documents or elections materials were found at any of those polling places.”

The investigation has been turned over to the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, according to the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office statement.

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