FACT CHECK: Viral Image Claims Ticketmaster Is Mandating COVID-19 Vaccinations For Attendees

Bradley Devlin | General Assignment & Analysis Reporter

An image shared on Facebook claims Ticketmaster will require concert goers to provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination in order to attend events.

Verdict: False

While Ticketmaster has been developing plans to help venues verify whether individuals have tested negative for COVID-19 or been vaccinated against the disease, the company is not mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for attendees. Ticketmaster, which sells tickets for event organizers, said does not have the ability to mandate such a thing.

Fact Check:

The image, which was originally shared on the Instagram page @informedmothers, says, “Ticketmaster is planning mandatory COVID vaccine identification for concert attendance. We told you it was coming and now it’s here. Young healthy people DO NOT need a vaccine for a virus with a 99% recovery rate and Ticketmaster is not your physician.”

The claim that Ticketmaster will require COVID-19 vaccines for attendees started circulating after Billboard published a story titled “How Ticketmaster Plans to Check Your Vaccine Status for Concerts: Exclusive.” Billboard reported that Ticketmaster “has been working on a framework for post-pandemic fan safety that uses smart phones to verify fans’ vaccination status or whether they’ve tested negative for the coronavirus within a 24 to 72 hour window.” The plan, which has not been approved, would theoretically include health pass companies signaling to Ticketmaster whether a fan received verification to attend an event after the fan gave consent to send results to the health pass company, according to the Billboard report.

Ticketmaster provided clarification on the subject in a tweet on Friday, saying, “We know there’s been some incorrect information being reported around safety/entry requirements and want to ensure everyone has all the facts. To clarify, there is absolutely no requirement from Ticketmaster mandating vaccines/testing.” The tweet included a link to Ticketmaster’s webpage on the company’s COVID-19 screening requirements that also stated the company is “just exploring the ability to enhance our existing digital ticket capabilities to offer solutions for event organizers that could include testing and vaccine information with 3rd party health providers.”

“Ticketmaster does not have the power to set policies around safety/entry requirements, which would include vaccines and/or testing protocols,” the webpage says. “That would always be up to the discretion of the event organizer, based on their preferences and local health guidelines.” (RELATED: Is The Cheesecake Factory Closing All Of Its Locations?)

In a statement to WUSA9, Ticketmaster President Mark Yovich said, “We imagine there will be many third-party health care providers handling vetting – whether that is getting a vaccine, taking a test, or other methods of review and approval – which could then be linked via a digital ticket so everyone entering the event is verified. Ticketmaster’s goal is to provide enough flexibility and options that venues and fans have multiple paths to return to events, and is working to create integrations to our API and leading digital ticketing technology as we will look to tap into the top solutions based on what’s green-lit by officials and desired by clients.”

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