FACT CHECK: Were 6,000 Fraudulent Votes For Joe Biden Found In Arizona?

Elias Atienza | Fact Check Reporter

A post on Twitter claims 6,000 fraudulent votes cast for President-elect Joe Biden were found in Arizona, reducing his roughly 10,000-vote lead to 4,000 votes.

Verdict: False

The temporary drop in Biden’s lead in Arizona was the result of an uploading error in Greenlee County that was quickly caught and corrected, according to a spokesperson for the Arizona Secretary of State.

Fact Check:

The tweet attempts to suggest that 6,000 fraudulent votes discovered in Arizona caused Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump to drop from over 10,000 votes to some 4,000 votes. Screen grabs of the tweet have also been shared on Facebook by users making similar claims.

In reality, the temporary drop in Biden’s lead was the result of an uploading error in Arizona’s Greenlee County that has since been corrected. Unofficial election results were “displaying incorrectly briefly on Tuesday due to an error that posted Greenlee County’s results multiple times while the county was uploading write-in candidate info,” Sophia Solis, a public information office for the Arizona Secretary of State, explained to Check Your Fact in an email.

The error temporarily showed the county as reporting over 22,100 votes rather than about 3,700, NBC affiliate 12 News reported. ABC 15 data analyst Garrett Archer noted the uploading error in a Nov. 24 tweet that, according to CNN, some Twitter users later cited to falsely allege fraud in Arizona.

Archer said in a tweet that such an uploading error “happens from time to time,” noting, “No, the results didn’t change, no the canvass is not wrong.” In another subsequent tweet, he noted that “the UNOFFICIAL results page has been corrected.” (RELATED: Did Arizona State Trooper Find 50,000 Ballots Cast For Donald Trump In A Dumpster?)

The unofficial results on the Arizona Secretary of State website show Biden leading Trump by some 10,400 votes at the time of publication. The deadline for Arizona to certify its election results is Nov. 30, according to The New York Times.

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