FACT CHECK: Did McDonald’s and Coca-Cola Announce They Will No Longer Hire White People For Executive Positions?

Charlese Freeman | Contributor

A viral Facebook post shared over 5,600 times claims McDonald’s and Coca-Cola announced “no whites will be hired in top positions.”

Verdict: False

Neither company has made an announcement stating it won’t allow white people to hold executive positions.

Fact Check:

The Feb. 25 Facebook post reads, “McDonalds and Coke have both announced no whites will be hired in top positions.” It has been shared over 5,600 times at the time of publication. (RELATED: Did Joe Biden Tweet, ‘I’m Proud To See Coca-Cola Educate Their Staff In Cultural Reappropriation’?)

In late February, McDonald’s announced that executive bonuses would be tied to goals related to diversifying its workforce, Reuters reported. The initiative, called “Allyship through Accountability,” aims to “represent the diverse communities in which we operate by increasing the diversity of our Leadership,” according to a press release from the company.

Coca-Cola faced criticism from some social media users in February after images of from a diversity training presentation that included the phrase “try to be less white” surfaced online, Newsweek reported. The soft-drink company said in a statement that the presentation, available through LinkedIn Learning, was “not a part of our training curriculum.”

There is no evidence either company announced “no whites will be hired in top positions.” Check Your Fact looked through both McDonald’s and Coca-Cola’s press releases and didn’t find any announcements resembling the one in the Facebook post. Neither company shared information about such a move on its respective verified Twitter account, either.

McDonald’s “Allyship through Accountability” initiative seeks to “increase representation of historically underrepresented groups in leadership roles (Senior Director and above) located in the U.S. to 35%” and “increase representation of women in leadership roles globally (Senior Director and above) to 45%” by the end of 2025, according to its press release. At no point in the announcement does the company state it will cease hiring white people in “top positions.”

“This information is not correct,” Scott Leith, global vice president for Coca-Cola’s External and Financial Communications department, confirmed to Check Your Fact in an email. “The claim is fabricated.”

Charlese Freeman