FACT CHECK: Viral Image Claims Nancy Pelosi Was Executed

Brad Sylvester | Fact Check Editor

A viral Instagram post claims House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been executed.


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Verdict: False

Pelosi has not been executed, as she has made recent public appearances.

Fact Check:

Pelosi is a frequent target of online misinformation. For instance, one Facebook post last week baselessly alleged she is the stepsister of Kathy Hochul, who is set to become the first female governor of New York on Aug. 24. Another recent post falsely alleged Pelosi is resigning from her position to join former President Donald Trump.

Now, a viral Instagram post alleges the House speaker has been executed, citing the U.S. military as the source of its information. That claim, however, is false.

Despite the post attempting to credit the military as its source, there is no mention of Pelosi being arrested, convicted or executed for any crime on the Department of Defense’s website. A search of Department of Justice press releases also turned up no announcement of Pelosi’s supposed death.

A Defense Department spokesperson told Check Your Fact via an email that there is “no truth” to the post’s claim. (RELATED: No, William Barr Has Not Been Executed By The Military)

Furthermore, Pelosi is a prominent figure in American politics and the second person in the presidential line of succession. Presumably, her death would be widely covered in the media, yet there are no credible news reports about such an incident occurring.

The House speaker has also made public appearances since Aug. 9, the date the Instagram post made the claim. Last week she and California Rep. Maxine Waters visited a school in Los Angeles while promoting a child tax credit, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

She also participated in a virtual summit hosted by The 19th on Monday. Video of her speaking at the event can be found on YouTube.

Brad Sylvester

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