FACT CHECK: Did Jen Psaki Reference The Mark Of The Beast In A White House Press Briefing?

Mecca Fowler | Contributor

A post shared on Instagram claims White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki referenced the mark of the beast at a press briefing.


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Verdict: False

Psaki actually said “to protect more people,” according to subtitles and transcripts.

Fact Check:

A video of Psaki speaking during a press conference has been circulating on social media in recent days claiming she said President Joe Biden is doing what he can to “protect marked people.” One such video’s caption reads: “What did raggedy-ann just say? listen to this s***. They are openly saying this is the mark of the beast now.”

The mark of the beast is a Bible reference and signifies those who worship the antichrist, according to Bible Study Tools. Some people have baselessly claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine is the mark of the beast, the Washington Post reported. (RELATED: Viral Post Claims To Show Photo Of Joe Biden And Jen Psaki)

Psaki does not, however, reference the mark of the beast during the speech. The video clip in the Instagram post, which stems from a Sept. 10 press briefing, shows Psaki replying to a reporter’s question regarding the “tone from the administration when it comes to blaming the unvaccinated.” Biden announced on Sept. 9 that federal employees and contractors must be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Psaki’s answer to the question was, “I wouldn’t characterize his speech in exactly those words or that terminology. What you heard the President convey yesterday is the next steps that he is taking using every lever of government to reduce sicknesses, to reduce hospitalizations, to protect more people, and save more lives,” according to the transcript of the briefing published by the White House website.

Subtitles on the video of the press briefing published by the White House’s YouTube channel further confirm Psaki said “more,” not “marked.” A transcript of the press briefing published by University of California Santa Barbara likewise shows no mention of the mark of the beast.

Mecca Fowler