FACT CHECK: Does This Image Show Young Jay-Z Wearing A Shirt Featuring A ‘The Simpsons’-Style Cartoon Of His Future Self?

Mecca Fowler | Contributor

An image shared on Instagram allegedly shows a 20-year-old Jay-Z wearing a t-shirt depicting a “The Simpsons”-esque character resembling his current self.


Verdict: False

The picture has been digitally altered to include the “The Simpsons”-like graphic on the shirt. In the original, the shirt had the name of the brand Champion.

Fact Check:

The Instagram post juxtaposes two images: a recent picture of Jay-Z sitting near a painting and a photo of his younger self purportedly sporting a t-shirt that features a “The Simpsons”-style cartoon of the more recent picture printed across the front. It seems to play on the belief some “The Simpsons” fans hold that the animated show has accurately predicted several events before they occurred.

“Proof we really live in a simulation/matrix they have been predictive programming for years & it’s a Simpsons character never fails this shit crazy,” reads the Instagram post’s caption.

The picture of the younger Jay-Z appears to have been digitally altered to include the cartoon. The undoctored version can be found on hip-hop news focused websites such as Blackout Hip-Hop and HipHopDX. In the original picture, his shirt had a Champion logo printed across the chest.

The unaltered picture can also be found on Twitter, as well as the Facebook page of the DJs Stretch and Bobbito. (RELATED: Does This Image Show ‘The Simpsons’ Predicting Prince Philip’s Death?)

Jay-Z was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Oct. 30, Huffington Post reported. The event included tributes for him by former President Barack Obama and comedian Dave Chappelle, according to The New York Times.

Mecca Fowler