FACT CHECK: Did Vox Publish This Article Calling The ‘Bunny Ear’ Shoe-Tying Method Racist?

Hannah Hudnall | Contributor

A post shared on Facebook over 100 times claims to show a Vox headline that reads, “How teaching children the Bunny Ear method for tying their shoes is actually an act of racist oppression.”

Verdict: False

The image is fabricated. There is no evidence Vox published the article.

Fact Check:

Featured in the viral Facebook post is what looks like a screen grab of a Google preview of a news article purportedly published by Vox. The headline of the supposed article attempts to link the “Bunny Ears” method of tying shoelaces to racism.

Check Your Fact didn’t find any article with the headline “How teaching children the Bunny Ear method for tying their shoes is actually an act of racist oppression” on Vox’s website. An article to that effect also does not appear on Vox’s verified Facebook or Twitter account.

Vox has published numerous articles discussing racism in the past, but none of those stories include any mention of the “Bunny Ears” method of tying shoelaces. The image being shared on Facebook seems to be fabricated.

A Vox spokesperson confirmed to Check Your Fact in an email that the story is fake and was never published by the outlet. (RELATED: Did The New York Times Publish An Article Titled, ‘Judge Rules That Britney Spears Is Allowed To Commit Crimes’?)

This isn’t the first time social media users have shared an image fabricated to look like an article from a news outlet. In July 2020, Check Your Fact debunked an image of fake G1 article that alleged singer Taylor Swift called for the removal of the Statue of Liberty, for instance.

Hannah Hudnall



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