FACT CHECK: Viral Image Claims To Show A Real ‘My First Hookah’ Kid’s Toy

Hannah Hudnall | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook nearly 300 times purportedly shows a kid’s toy called “My First Hookah.”

Verdict: False

The toy, which is not real, was digitally created as a joke by a social media user.

Fact Check:

The viral image shows a supposed child’s toy modeled after a hookah, with the box featuring a “3+ years” label and pictures of children blowing bubbles out of the pipe. Additional text on the box of the alleged product reads, “Hookah-shaped bubble toy.” (RELATED: No, Lego Did Not Release A ‘Capitol Invasion’ Toy Set Two Months Ago)

There is, however, no indication the toy is real. The handle @adam.the.creator can be seen on the fake toy’s box in the image. Through a keyword and reverse image search, Check Your Fact traced it back to BrandFire co-founder Adam Padilla, who originally shared the image Dec. 15 on Twitter and Facebook for seemingly satirical purposes.

Unlike most real children’s toys, the box in the image does not feature the logo of any particular toy brand or an indication of price. The face of the fake hookah toy, though, appears to somewhat resemble that of a toy currently sold by Fisher Price titled “Baby Smartronics™ Cookie Shape Surprise™,” according to Snopes.

Padilla has shared numerous fake toys to his Twitter and Facebook pages in the past, including the “Work From Home Playset,” the “Spray Tan Playset” and the “Exotic Zoo Playset.” The “About” section of his Facebook page says it shares “daily memes and fake products from the mind of Adam Padilla.” The “My First Hookah” toy appears to be the latest of such fake creations and, despite the disclaimer, some Facebook users have mistaken it as real.

Hannah Hudnall

Fact Check Reporter