FACT CHECK: Did CNBC Report Sonia Sotomayor Tested Positive For COVID-19?

Elias Atienza | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook purportedly shows a screen grab of a CNBC article reporting that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor tested positive for COVID-19.

Verdict: False

There is no record of CNBC publishing the headline featured in the post. A CNBC spokesperson confirmed the image is fake. There is likewise no evidence Sotomayor tested positive for COVID-19.

Fact Check:

The image shows what appears to be a screen grab of a Jan. 18 CNBC article with a headline that reads, “Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Tests Positive For COVID-19 Despite Triple Vaccination, Despite Triple Vaccination, Diligent Masking And Working From Home.”

Sotomayor has elected to participate in Supreme Court arguments virtually from her chambers since Jan. 7, possibly because of her concerns about COVID-19, according to SCOTUSblog. She has received her vaccine and booster shot and routinely wears a mask, CNN reported.

However, there is no evidence Sotomayor tested positive for COVID-19 or that CNBC reported such an event. If Sotomayor had tested positive for COVID-19, the Supreme Court Public Information Office likely would have released a statement about it, as it did when Justice Brett Kavanaugh tested positive for COVID-19 in October 2021. Yet no such statement could be found on the Supreme Court’s website.

Check Your Fact also searched CNBC’s website but did not find any articles matching the one in the Facebook image. The headline’s font does not match that of other headlines from the website.

“CNBC.com has not published an article with that headline,” said Erin Kitzie, CNBC’s director of public relations, in an email to Check Your Fact. (RELATED: Did The New York Times Publish An Article Claiming Donald Trump Died?)

The image shared on Facebook appears to be an altered version of a genuine Jan. 18 article CNBC published with a headline that reads, “Supreme Court’s Gorsuch refused to wear mask despite request over Sotomayor’s Covid concerns, report says.” The image shared on Facebook appears to have simply changed the real article’s headline while keeping all the other details, including the time and date of publication as well as the byline, the same.

Check Your Fact reached out to the Supreme Court for comment and will update this article if a response is provided.

Elias Atienza

Fact Check Reporter
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