FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show A UFO On A US Aircraft Carrier?

Hannah Hudnall | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on Facebook purportedly shows a UFO parked on the deck of a U.S. aircraft carrier.

Verdict: False

The video has been digitally altered to include the UFO.

Fact Check:

The video, which has been viewed over 517,000 times, features a jet landing on what appears to be a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. As the jet lands, the video shows an unusually shaped object parked on the deck of the ship. “THIS IS THE UFO EVERYONE WAS TALKING ABOUT!” the video’s caption claims.

A reverse image search revealed the Facebook video comes from the History Channel’s official YouTube channel on Sep. 25, 2021. The video has been featured as part of the History Channel’s “The Proof Is Out There” series, which analyzes “mysterious videos, photos and audio recordings,” according to the show’s summary page on History.com.

The version of the video shared on Facebook has been cut off before the experts’ analyses. On the History Channel show, Lt. Tim McMillan, an aviation and military analyst, pointed out the resemblance of the alleged UFO in the video to the TR-3E toy model kit, which can be seen on Entertainment Earth’s website. (RELATED: No, These Are Not Real Photos Of A UFO)

The watermark for the YouTube channel “UFO Section 51” can be seen in the bottom right-hand corner of the Facebook video as well. Check Your Fact did not find the featured video on the channel’s page. Other alleged UFO videos published by the account feature a “CGI” disclaimer in the title, indicating that the videos were made with “computer-generated imagery.”

Lt. Cmdr. Courtney Callaghan, a member of the Navy News Desk, confirmed in an email to Check Your Fact that “the Facebook video is fake.” Callaghan provided a link to the original unedited video, which had been uploaded to the U.S. Navy’s official YouTube channel on July 29, 2017. In the footage, there is no triangular UFO parked on the deck.

Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim from January 2022 that baselessly suggested a UFO had been sighted in the sky over Mexico.

Hannah Hudnall

Fact Check Reporter


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